FY 17 Currently Funded Federal Programs





2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR




TITLE I - Improving Academic Achievement:  Disadvantaged Students


  • $2,023,685.34 allocation, our largest Federal Program grant
  • Money can be used in and for Title I schools only to supplement, not supplant
  • There are 10 Title I schools in the Cumberland County School System during FY17; our 9 elementary schools plus The Phoenix School
  • Based on poverty rate - percentage of free and reduced meal qualifiers
  • Maintenance of Effort ranking "spirals down from highest to lowest poverty"
  • Contains several "subparts"; minimum of 35% poverty rate required
  • Has 588 regulations; must serve schools with 75% poverty rate
  • Most of this grant is used for salary and benefits for teachers and aides
  • Title I currently pays salaries and benefits for 7 teachers, 19 paraprofessionals, 20 instructional facilitators
  • Provides supplemental supplies, materials, plus computer software and hardware
  • Provides professional development for teachers and tutoring for at risk students
  • Provides parental involvement money on a per pupil basis for students in poverty attending Title I schools
  • Provides school needs money for homeless students


TITLE I A - Neglected and Delinquent Children


·      $11,635.95 allocation is released to the State of Tennessee for Crossville's Cumberland Mountain School


TITLE II - Preparing, Training, & Recruiting High Quality Teachers & Principals


  • $292,132.00 our second largest Federal Program
  • Pays salary and benefits for three instructional coaches
  • Pays forstaff development programs based on school system data
  • Pays for conferences, workshops, "bringing in the experts" and travel for ongoing, research-based training in core academic subjects
  • Pays for teachers to become "Highly Qualified" as required by NCLB
  • Pays stipends for mentors to support new teachers


TITLE II-D - Improving Technology


·      This grant has been eliminated, spent and zeroed out, no more money expected

Cumberland County Schools

Currently Funded Federal Programs

2016-2017 School Year (FY17)

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TITLE III - Language Instruction:  Limited English Proficient; Immigrant Students


  • $12,477.42 grant for English Language Learners
  • May not be used for required ESL teacher or teacher aide salaried and benefits
  • Used for instructional equipment, supplies, and professional development
  • ELL instruction currently delivered at 10 of our 12 schools
  • Pine View and The Phoenix School are currently the only schools without ELLs
  • Fourteachers and two aides will deliver instruction to more than 120 English language learners system-wide


TITLE IV - Safe and Drug Free Schools


  • All funding for this Title program has been eliminated, spent and zeroed out
  • We write a separate "Safe Schools Grant" from the State of Tennessee to support a system-wide counselor's salary and benefits.


TITLE V - Promoting Informed Parental Choice/Creative & Innovative Programs


  • All funding for this Title Program has been eliminated, spent and zeroed out
  • Money can NO LONGER be transferred into this program from other Titles


  TITLE VI - Rural and Low-Income School (RLIS) Program


  • $157,489.87 grant for rural, low income school systems, must qualify by poverty rate
  • Can be used in Title I, Title II, Title III and Title IV-like fashion
  • Pays 1.6 FTE salary, benefits and retirement for two supplemental ESL aides
  • Pays 50% salary, benefits and retirement for our instructional facilitator
  • Pays for in county travel expenses for instructional coaches to provide technical assistance to schools


Consolidated Administration


·      Cost to administer all Federal Programs and is limited to no more than 20% of each grant (except for Title III which is limited to 2%)

·      Cumberland County will only use 10% of our total allocation (10% from Title I, 6% from Title II, 1% from Title III and 20% from Title VI) for all administrative costs, a total of $248,579.03.