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Student Handbook 2015-2016


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To empower students to reach their maximum potential in a challenging and inspiring environment.



The Pine View community will foster a love of learning with an atmosphere conducive to creating productive citizens by encouraging responsibility and high expectations.


Nothing less than the best!


Pine View Elementary School is a Title I School Wide School.  This enables us to use Title I funds to enhance educational opportunities for all students.


·        Parents, students, and the community are valuable components in the learning process for future growth and communication.


·       All students should be challenged to attain proficient or advanced status on assessments that meet or exceed federal and state benchmarks.


·          Staff should evaluate student proficiency using formal and informal data assessments to provide and drive appropriate instruction.


·          Opportunities will be provided for collaboration among active stakeholders to assure students' achievement and open two-way communication for the success and well being of our school.


·       Implementing research-based instruction addresses differentiated learning styles and meets the educational needs of all students.


·        Recognizing children, as unique individuals will promote high self-esteem.


·       Teaching an appreciation of cultural diversity will foster sensitivity and tolerance among students.


·           Training all students to be active learners and problem solvers will create productive citizens.






Attendance is a key factor in student achievement and, therefore, students are expected to be present each day school is in session. Absences shall be classified as either excused or unexcused as determined by the principal or his/her designee. Excused absences shall include:


1.   Personal Illness;

2.   Illness of immediate family member;

3.   Death in the family;

4.   Extreme weather conditions;

5.   Recognized religious observances;

6.   Failure of school bus to make scheduled/snow routes;

7.   Appointments with the doctor or dentist;

8.   A one day absence is provided for students when their parent or custodians returns from active military service,

9.   Circumstances within the judgment of the principal create emergencies over which the student has no control or which involve and educational opportunity not otherwise available to the child. Absences in excess of 3 days shall require the approval of the principal or his/her designee. The principal may clarify doubtful absences with the attendance teacher.

10.  A maximum of five days per semester will be recognized as excused absence with parent notes. A parent note without explanation for the absence will cause the absence to be automatically categorized as unexcused.

11.  School Board Policy states: All Doctor notes will be accepted and considered excused. Also, if the Doctors note states the student may return to school on the day of the office visit, and the student does not return that day, the absence will be considered unexcused.  If the student returns within the same day the "tardy" will be excused.





Cumberland County Board Policy states:  Written excuses must be submitted for absences and tardiness within five (5) school days after the student returns to school.


Each time your child is absent, you should send an excuse to the attendance office with the following information:


1.   Your child's full name

2.   Date of absence

3.   Reason of absence

4.   Phone number where parent/legal guardian maybe reached

5.   Parent/guardian's signature


* Failure to submit an excuse will result in the absence or tardy being classified as unexcused.  If you have five (5) unexcused absences, the school is required to turn your name in to the Attendance clerk, who will refer you to the Truancy Board and juvenile court for action. The attendance clerk will no longer send absentee reminders for these excuses.


If, for medical reasons, you must be absent for ten (10) days or more at a time, it is advisable that you consider temporary homebound assignment. Contact the Attendance Officer for information on homebound assignment.




Late arrivals and/or early dismissals for any reason other than previously stated:


Students are allowed three (3) unexcused tardies per 9-week period. On the 3rd unexcused tardy a written warning will go home to be signed. The parent/guardian will be required to attend a conference with the school's attendance committee after unexcused #4. If parent/guardian refuses to attend the conference, the student will be suspended until the parent conference is held. At the conference a plan will be put into writing this must be followed. The plan will include, but is not limited to the following: recommending that the student ride the bus or childcare van to and/or from school; (if the student is an out of zone student) requiring him/her to attend the school which he/she is zoned on the next unexcused tardy (tardy #5) and students attending an out of zone school will be required to attend the school for which they are zoned. Five unexcused tardies will equal one day of unexcused absence for the purpose of truancy.


Tardiness that occurs between classes during the regular school day will be a student disciplinary matter and will be handled by individual schools at the building level.


Elementary School Absence Policy


A total of twenty-five (25) absences, with out extenuating circumstances, during any school year may render an elementary student ineligible for promotion to the next grade and to retain a driver's permit or license, or to obtain such if of age. Written notification will be sent to parents of any student accruing any year a truancy board will be appointed by the principal who will conduct a hearing to determine if any extenuating circumstances exist and develop and sign a plan of actions for remediation.


After a total of twenty-five (25) absences during any school year, the principal will verify that the student has meet attendance requirements that will allow him/her to pass the course, be promoted or acquire/retain a driver's license.



Lunch Prices

Elementary Full pay Student Price $1.95

Visitors $3.50




All visitors including parents must bring in their license and sign in at the office. All visitors must have a badge given by the office.   Because of safety procedures, parents must never go down the hallway to a classroom without signing in at the office first and receiving a visitor badge.


Check-out Procedures


Students are not allowed to leave the building during the day unless a parent or guardian signs them out.  Students must be signed out in the office.  Students may be released to another adult designated by the parents, only if the parents or guardians send a note.  Anyone picking up a student must bring their drivers licenses into the office. Please remember that this is for your child's safety.  If a student is sick and has called their parents from the nurse's office, then they must be signed out in the nurse's office.


School Boundary Zone


The director of school shall enforce these areas as established by the Board: 

            Students must attend the school in the zone in which they reside.  Special Education students shall be transported per the requirements of their individual education plan.  Elementary students must receive written approval from the Director of Schools in order to attend a school for which they are not zoned.  All out-of-zone students must provide their own transportation.

            The feeder schools for Cumberland County High School are:  Brown Elementary, Martin Elementary, Pleasant Hill Elementary and South Cumberland Elementary.  The feeder schools for Stone memorial High School are:  Crab Orchard Elementary, Homestead Elementary, North Cumberland Elementary, Pine View Elementary, and Stone Elementary.  Students will attend the high school of the elementary school for which they are zoned.


School Health Index


            Beginning July 1, 2006, each school will begin implementation of the School Health Index established by the State Board of Education.  Policy on implementation of the School Health Index shall be followed by each school within the district.  This policy affects the snacks served during school hours.  Your child's teacher has a list of items that met school health index requirements. 


Bad Weather


If we have to dismiss school early due to impending bad weather, we must know how you child is to go home.  Please take time to fill out the bad weather procedure paper in your child's registration packet.


The Cumberland County Schools System has a plan in place for the safety of all children and staff in the event of a tornado watch and/or tornado warning.  We are in constant contact with the local Weather Service and County Emergency Management Agency that tracks the storms.  Your assistance is needed in our effort to make sure our full attention is directed towards securing the safety of our children and staff.  Please follow the procedures listed below if you hear a tornado watch or warning for our county during school hours:


·       Do not telephone the school - our limited phone lines must be clear to communicate with Emergency Management Agency and Central Office.  School personnel have specific responsibilities to attend to student/teacher needs.

·       Tune in to local radio or T.V. stations - Media outlets Radio: FM 105.7, 93.3, 102.5, AM 1330, 1490, TV Knoxville Channel 10, 6, Fox 17, Nashville Channel 5.

·       Do not come to the school unless student pick up is requested - This will allow staff to attend to the children during a "take cover" due to a tornado warning.

·       If the school goes into take cover, they have been notified of the severity of the storm - no students or staff will be allowed to leave the campus for their safety during the most dangerous time.


We do understand your concerns, but want to assure you that the safety of All the children is our main concern.


Phone Use

  School phones are for emergency use only, and students may only use the phone in the office.  Emergency calls do NOT include forgotten lunch money, forgotten items, permission to stay after school, or permission to go home with another student.  Teachers, students, and parents are expected to make arrangements for after-school activities or to cancel after-school activities in advance-not the day of an activity.  If a student must call home due to illness, office personnel will make the call to the parent.


If you need to make arrangements for your child to go home a different way or different bus, please try to contact the front office before 2:00 p.m. 


Student Dress Code


Students shall dress and be groomed in a clean, neat, and modest manner so as not to distract or interfere with the educational process or cause a safety hazard. Students are encouraged to adhere to the provisions of this code during school hours (whether on or off campus) and while in attendance at school-sponsored events.


Violations may result in the following consequences:

 * First Violation: The student will receive a written warning and the violation must be corrected.


*Second Violation: Parent will be called, violation must be corrected, and a detention will be assigned.


* Third Violation: Student will be suspended until parent conference.


The principal's judgment shall prevail in all matters regarding the application of these rules.


All Students K-12


1. The following shall not be worn at school or school-sponsored events during regular school hours for all students.


* Clothing or accessories that denote affiliation with any gang associated with criminal activity, or a safety hazard or security risk


*Ill-fitting clothing such as saggy/baggy pants or oversized coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.


*Spandex clothing or pajama type clothing


*Clothing with holes above the knees.


*Clothing/tattoos with suggestive or inappropriate slogans, vulgar captions, or advertisements for tobacco, alcohol or drug products


* Caps, hats or headscarves, for boys or girls, will not be worn inside buildings


*Form-fitting or body-fitting clothes


*Clothing with revealing necklines


* Extreme hair color or style, makeup and/or nail color


The following rules shall be enforced for all students:


* Any color or style of shoes, with the exception of "heely" or bedroom slipper type shoes, may be worn to school.


* Leggings may be worn with shirts, skirts, and dresses as long as the

student's buttocks are covered by the shirts, skirts, and dresses. Leggings

do not include panty hose, tights, or any other skin revealing fabric.


*Without leggings, shorts/skirts/dresses will be no higher than four (4) inches from the middle of the knee.


*Slits in skirts/dresses will be no higher than four (4) inches from the middle of the knee.


* Pant legs must not drag flagrantly on the floor.


* No tinted glasses/sunglasses are permitted unless prescribed by a doctor.


  * No body piercing jewelry, including spacers, except for earrings in the ear for boys and girls.


* Large heavy jewelry chains, and any jewelry that could be deemed dangerous, will not be permitted.


* Valuable clothing and jewelry are discouraged.


* Shirt and blouse length may not be longer than the bottom of the fingertips while standing and may not be so short that students raising their elbows to the height of his or her shoulder exposes midriff.


* Tops, blouses and shirts must fit and must cover the shoulder so as not to reveal the torso or undergarments.


* All trench/duster style coats that fall below the knee are prohibited.


* Cargo pants are permitted.


* Bib overalls may be worn as long as galluses and side closures are fastened.




1.   Special dress days may be designated by the principal to include but not limited to, the following examples: field days, picture days, school spirit days, etc.


2.   If a student cannot comply with the standardized dress code because of religious beliefs or physical characteristics, the parent/guardian must provide a written explanation to the principal for possible relief from certain aspects of this dress code.


Extra-Curricular Activities


Students are encouraged to participate in the wide variety of clubs, organizations and activities available at Pine View Elementary.  Some include:  Football, Middle School Softball, Chess, Yearbook, Basketball, 4-H, Beta Club, Middle School Volleyball, Art Club, Cross Country Team, Cheerleading, Band, Student Council, and Garden Club. All students participating in clubs are expected to follow school rules.

Any student, or group of students, wishing to form an organization must have permission from the principal.  Pine View also offers a variety of enrichment opportunities throughout the year.  Watch and listen for announcement regarding this!


School-Wide Positive Behavior Program


It is the goal of Pine View Elementary to have positive behavioral and social interactions of our students.  This in return will lead to more educational growth.  In an effort to meet this goal, we have put in place a school-wide positive behavior program.  This program will equip students with meaningful tools that will ensure lasting success and change within the school environment and throughout the students' life. 


Drug-Free School


In order to protect the rights of students, to safeguard the learning environment, and to contribute to a "Drug Free" community, the Board's plan for dealing with alcohol and drugs shall include the following:


1. Appropriate ways for handling alcohol/drug-related medical emergencies.

2. Guidelines for reporting alcohol/drug incidents and illegal activities.

3.  Guidelines for referral of students who may have an alcohol/drug problem and/or are considered "high risk" to agencies and other sources of appropriate help.

·       Effective working relationships with appropriate community agencies, such as alcohol/drug service providers, law enforcement agencies and judicial officials.


Through the use of state guidelines the director of schools shall be responsible for:


1. Developing and implementing an  appropriate curriculum on alcohol and drug education for students;

2. Providing adequate information and training for all staff personnel as appropriate to their responsibilities.

3. Implementing the relevant portions of the Drug-Free Youth Act.

4. Developing administrative rules and guidelines for the school system to effectively respond to alcohol and drug situations that may occur at school or school-sponsored events.

5.  Providing notification to parents and students that compliance with this policy is mandatory.


Students will not consume, possess, use, sell, distribute or be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages in school buildings or on school grounds at any time, in school vehicles or buses, or at any school sponsored activity, function or event whether on or off school grounds.  This includes but is not limited to abuse of inhalants and prescription drugs.


Disciplinary sanctions will be imposed on students who violate standards of conduct required by this policy.  Such sanctions will be consistent with local, state, and federal laws, up to and including suspension/expulsion as well as referral for prosecution. Completion of an appropriate rehabilitation program may also be recommended.


Information about drug and alcohol counseling and rehabilitation programs will be made available through the school office.


Tobacco-Free Schools


It is the policy of the Board to discourage the use of tobacco products by all employees and students.


All uses of tobacco and tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco, are prohibited in all school district

buildings.  Smoking is prohibited in any public seating areas, including but not limited to, bleachers used for sporting events, or public restrooms.


Employees will not use tobacco products at any time while in the presence of children.  Employees may not use tobacco or tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco, when directing any class or student activities or when present at such activities even though they may be held after school hours.  This also

extends to field trips and athletic events at locations away from school.


Tobacco products may only be used outside buildings in a specific area designated by the principal or the

Director of Schools.  On school campuses, the designated area shall be away from the view of any students and shall not be within fifty feet (50') of any entrance to any building.


Students enrolled in the district's schools are not permitted to use tobacco or tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco, at any time they are engaged in any school related activity or while on school grounds.


The use of tobacco or tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco, will be prohibited in all vehicles, owned, leased or operated by the district.  


Any student who possesses tobacco products shall be issued a citation by the school principal, their designee

or resource officer. The director of schools, in cooperation with the juvenile court and the appropriate local law enforcement agency, is responsible for developing procedures for issuance of citations which shall include the form and content of citations and methods of handling completed citations.


Parents and students shall be notified of this citation requirement at the beginning, or enrollment, of each school year.


Signs will be posted throughout the district's facilities to notify students, employees and all other persons

visiting the school that the use of tobacco and tobacco products is forbidden.


The following notice shall be prominently posted (including at each ticket booth) for elementary or secondary school sporting events: 

Smoking is prohibited by law in seating areas and in restrooms

The principal and staff shall ensure enforcement of this policy at all times.


Zero Tolerance Offenses


In order to ensure a safe and secure learning environment, the following offenses will not be tolerated:





Students shall not possess, handle, transmit, use or attempt to use any dangerous weapon in school build-

ings or on school grounds at any time, or in school vehicles and/or buses, or off the school grounds at a school-sponsored activity, function, or event.


Dangerous weapons for the purposes of this policy shall include, but are not limited to a firearm or anything manifestly designed, made or adapted for the purpose of inflicting death or serious bodily injury or anything that in the manner of its use or intended use is capable of causing death or serious

bodily injury. 


Violators of this section shall be subject to suspension and/or expulsion from school.


Firearms (as defined in 18 U.S.C. § 921) 3


In accordance with state law, any student who brings or possess a firearm on school property shall be expelled for a period of not less than one (1) calendar year. The director of schools shall have the authority to modify this expulsion requirement on a case-by-case basis.





In accordance with state law, any student who unlawfully possesses any drug, including any controlled

substance or legend drug, shall be expelled for a period of not less than one (1) calendar year. The director of schools shall have the authority to modify this expulsion requirement on a case-by-case basis.






In accordance with state law, any student who commits battery upon any teacher, principal administrator, any other employee of the school, or school resource officer shall be expelled for a period of not less than one (1) calendar year. The director of schools shall have the authority to modify this expulsion requirement on a case-by-case basis.




When it is determined that a student has violated this policy, the principal of the school shall notify the student's parent or guardian and the criminal justice or juvenile delinquency system as required by law.


Discrimination/Harassment and Bullying/Intimidation


Students shall be provided a learning environment free from sexual, racial, ethnic and religious

discrimination/harassment. It shall be a violation of this policy for any employee or any student to discriminate against or harass a student through disparaging conduct or communication that is sexual,

racial, ethnic or religious in nature. The following guidelines are set forth to protect students from



Student discrimination/harassment will not be tolerated. Discrimination/harassment is defined as conduct, advances, gestures or words either written or spoken of a sexual, racial, ethnic or religious nature which:


1. Unreasonably interfere with the student's work or educational opportunities; or

2. Create an intimidating, hostile or offensive learning environment; or

3. Imply that submission to such conduct is made an explicit or implicit term of receiving grades or credit; or

4. Imply that submission to or rejection of such conduct will be used as a basis for determining

the student's grades and/or participation in a student activity.




Students shall be provided a safe learning environment.  It shall be a violation of this policy for any student to bully, intimidate, or create a hostile educational environment for another student.  Bullying and intimidation are defined as either physically harming a student, or damaging his/her property, or knowingly placing the student in reasonable fear of such, or creating a hostile educational environment.  The policy addresses conduct taking place on school grounds, at any school-sponsored activity, on school-provided transportation, or at any official school bus stop immediately before boarding and immediately following  deboarding.


Alleged victims of the above-referenced offenses shall report these incidents immediately to a teacher, counselor, or building administrator.  Any allegations shall be fully investigated by a complaint manager (as set forth in Student Concerns, Complaints and Grievances 6.305).


The privacy and anonymity of all parties and witnesses to complaints will be respected. However, because an individual's need for confidentiality must be balanced with obligations to cooperate with police investigations or legal proceedings, to provide due process to the accused, to conduct a thorough investigation or to take necessary action to resolve a complaint; the identity of parties and witnesses may be disclosed in appropriate circumstances to individuals with a need to know.


A substantiated charge against an employee shall result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. A substantiated charge against a student may result in corrective or disciplinary action up to and including suspension.


There will be no retaliation against any person who reports harassment or participates in an investigation.

However, any employee who refuses to cooperate or gives false information during the course of any investigation may be subject to disciplinary action. The willful filing of a false report will itself be  considered harassment and will be treated as such.


An employee disciplined for violation of this policy may appeal the decision by contacting the Federal Rights Coordinator or the director of schools through the director of human resources.  Any student disciplined for violation of this policy may appeal the decision in accordance with disciplinary policies and procedures.


This policy shall be published in the parent/student handbook distributed annually to every student.


Building administrators are responsible for educating and training their respective staff and students as to the definition and recognition of



Parental Notification


Mission Statement


The mission statement for the Cumberland County School System is to empower each student with the skills to be a productive citizen.  Parents play a vial role in this mission.  The Board encourages parental involvement and strives to keep parents informed of their rights.




·   The Cumberland County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, or handicap in the provision of educational opportunities, activities, or other administered programs.

·   Parents have the right to request information pertaining to the professional qualifications of their child's teacher(s).  Teaching certification can be found by accessing the Tennessee Department of Education Teacher Licensing web site ( or by contacting the Central Office at 931-456-8347.  Parents may also request the qualifications of a paraprofessional that provides educational assistance to their child.

·   Parents must receive notification if their child is being taught for 4 or more consecutive weeks in core curriculum subject by a teacher that is not highly qualified.

·   Parents will have access to system/school report cards as developed by the State Department of Education and available (usually in late fall of each year) through the state department web site (, at the school and/or at the Central Office.

·   Parent will be informed if their child is enrolled in a school identified for improvement, corrective action, or restructuring.  An explanation of what this means, reasons for the identification, academic comparisons with other schools in the district and state, step being taken to improve achievement, and how the parents can become involved will be addressed.

·   Parents will be given the option to transfer their child to another public school or to obtain supplemental educational services if the school fails to meet adequate yearly progress.

·   Parents will receive academic results for mid-reporting periods, end of reporting periods, TCAP Achievement results in grades 3-8.  Writing Assessment in grades 5,8,and 11.  End-of-Course and Gateway Exams in a timely manner as required by local Board policy and the Tennessee Department of Education.

·   Parents can visit the state's web site ( to access a description of the Tennessee Curriculum Standards, assessment, and proficiency levels students are expected to meet.

·   Parents of secondary school students have the right to request that their child's name, address, and telephone number not be released to a military recruiter without their prior written consent.

·   Parents of a student identified as limited English proficient (ELL- English Language Leaner) will be notified in a timely manner of their child's level of English proficiency, their child's opportunity to participate in an ELL program, details of the program, and the right to waive participation.

·   Title I Schools:  A written parental involvement policy will be developed jointly with and distributed to parents of children participating n the Title I programs.  The parental involvement policy is printed in the school's handbook or a copy is available at the school's office.  An annual meeting will be held to inform parents of the school's participation and status in programs funded under the No Child Left Behind Act.

·   A school-parent-student compact that outlines the responsibilities of each party for improved student academic achievement will be distributed and agreed upon annually.

·   Federal law affords parents and students, over 18 years of age, certain rights regarding educational records.  The school board policy relating to student privacy and parental access to information is available in the school board policy manual located at each school and the Central Office.

·   Students and parents are encouraged to participate in safe and drug free school programs/activities.  If parents object to these programs/activities, they may submit a written request to the principal that their child does not participate.

·   Information pertaining to the rights granted by federal law to students with disabilities may be obtained by contacting the Special Education Department of the Cumberland County School System at 931-484-3301.

·   The Cumberland County School System has the responsibility to locate, identify, and evaluate all children ages 3 to 22 years that are suspected of having a disability.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Special Education Director at 931-484-3301

·   School health requirements, policies and procedures can be obtained from the Cumberland County Health Department, the school principal or the school nurse.

·   Students attending a persistently dangerously public school, or students who become victims of a violent criminal offense while in or on the grounds of a public school that they attend are provided the opportunity to transfer to a safe public school within the local education agency.

·   A program or activity funding as part of the 21st Century Community Learning Center that provides before or after school activities must be evaluated to assess its effectiveness.  The results of the evaluation(s) are available upon request at the Federal Programs Department at 931-456-8347.


Personal Communication Devices (Cell Phones)


A student may possess a personal communication device such as a pager, cellular telephone, personal digital assistant (PDA), or any similar type device, in school, on school property, at after school activities and at school-related functions, provided that during school hours and on a school bus the personal communication device remains off and concealed from view.


At no time will any student utilize a personal communication device in an attempt to undermine instructional practices or violate an individual's privacy.

This does not restrict the use of communication devices as an instructional tool to be used at the discretion of the teacher.


Possession of a personal communication device by a student is a privilege, which may be forfeited by any student who fails to abide by the terms of this policy.

Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action against the student and confiscation of the personal communication device.

Student consequences for violating the cell phone policy are as follows:

         First Offense - Phone taken up and student's parent must come and pick up the


         Second Offense - Phone taken up and keep for three days and parent must come and

          pick up the phone.

         Third Offense - Phone taken up and keep for one week and parent must come and pick

          up the phone.


Any student possessing a personal communication device shall assume all responsibility for its care.  At no time shall Cumberland County School System be responsible for preventing the theft, loss or damage to personal communication devices brought onto its property.


Pine View Student Personal Technology Use Guidelines:

We embrace the potential that personal technology devices (cell phones, tablets, iPods, etc) can be used as a technological learning tool in the classroom and encourage teachers to implement their use into lessons when appropriate.

Pine View Guidelines:

-       Personal technology, should be turned off and kept out-of-sight during all instructional and class time activities, except under the direction of a teacher or administrator for instructional purposes. This means that students will not be permitted to have personal technology devices out during morning or afternoon bus duty, lunch, special area, or in the hallways during regular school hours.

-       No cell phone or other personal technology may be used for communication purposes except under the direction of a teacher or administrator for instructional purposes.

Therefore, students are to refrain from using cell phones to make calls, text, Snap-Chat, take pictures/video, or use any form of Social Media during regular school hours, unless otherwise permitted by their teacher or other school staff.

-       In the event of illness or emergency, students will be directed to use the phone in the Front Office or Nurse's office to call parents. At no time should a student use personal technology, without the knowledge or permission of school staff, to contact a parent.

-       Students who receive a School Wide Positive Behavior Pass for personal technology devices will be allotted a special day and time to use their device. Passes will be returned to their teacher upon the expiration of the pass.




Arrival time is 7:40 - 8:20 AM and Pick-up time is 3:10 - 3:30 PM.  From 7:40 to 8:20 AM, students should be dropped off in the front of the building by the office.

No child should be dropped off before 7:40 AM. 


Prior to leaving home, please make arrangements with you children to know if they are riding the bus home or are on parent pick-up.  We have around 200 students at Pine View and it is very difficult to notify classrooms with daily reminders. As always in any emergency we will make sure your children are notified.  Thanks in advance for your understanding with this policy.


Students will be entered and dismissed each day with safety in mind.  We will dismiss buses first.  Car riders will be dismissed next. All parent pick up should take place in the front the building. We have 2 lanes of traffic to be used for pick-up of students.  Please follow our arrangement for this pick-up:  No cars should be left unattended in the 2 lanes in front of the school. Student will be called and loaded in their car.  You will then be directed as when to pull forward and move. Please constantly be aware of students loading and unloading.  Drive slowly and stay in your lane unless otherwise directed.   


Students riding a different bus home or getting off the same bus but at a different stop must have a note signed by a parent or guardian.


NO Parent should line up to pick up a child before 3:00.  This will allow the buses to park and will prevent the road in front of the school from becoming blocked.




A school nurse is on the campus each day. Medication may NOT be brought to school or taken home by any student.  A parent or guardian must bring the medicine in its original bottle and must sign papers for the dispersal of this medication.  Parents must also pick up any unused medication.  It is against all policies for the school to administer medicines such as Tylenol, etc.  You must bring that medication just like any prescription medicines if you feel your child may need it.




Each 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grader will be assigned a specific locker for use during the school year.  Remember, this is a possession of the school being loaned to the search.  A combination lock will be given to each student.  The combination for your child's lock will be given to their homeroom teacher in case your child forgets their combination. 



Withdrawal Procedures


A student is not withdrawn unless a parent or guardian comes to school and completes the appropriate forms.  Please allow time for teacher, cafeteria, and library to be contacted to verify all accounts being clear.




Grades are given every nine weeks.  Midterm reports are given at the four and a half week period to keep parents informed.  We use the same grading scale used by all Cumberland County Schools.


A  - Outstanding                      92.5 - 100

B - Good                               84.5 - 92.4

C - Satisfactory                      74.5 - 84.4

D - Needs improvement            69.5 - 74.4

F - Unsatisfactory                    Below 69.4


Selling of Items


The only selling of items at school will be through the school bookstore, cafeteria, concessions, school/club fundraisers, or other school activities.  Students will not sell anything at school unless it is a fundraising item.  No extortion or trading of items will be allowed.




Students will behave in an acceptable manner at all times, whether in the halls, restroom, or classrooms.  No breaking of the school rules will be allowed.  Discipline will result either from the teacher or from the principal or assistant principal.  Various forms of discipline will be used including, but not limited to, warnings, time outs, isolation within and without of the classroom, write-offs, detentions, out of school suspensions, corporal punishment, withholding of extra opportunities, change in class assignment, etc. 


Boys and girls will behave in an acceptable manner where relationships are concerned.  No hand holding, hugging, kissing, etc. will be accepted.  Discipline will occur.