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3rd-4th Grade suppy list


3rd Grade Supply List

• 2 one-subject spiral notebooks with holes
• 2 boxes of 24-count crayons
• 2 basic pocket folders with brads (please make sure there is a pocket on both sides)
• 2 dry-erase markers
• 1 pack of wide-ruled paper
• 1 pack of Crayola broad-line markers (either an 8 pack or a 10 pack)
• 1 Pencil Box
• Pencils
• Glue sticks
• Cap erasers
• Scissors

**Please make sure the crayon boxes are no more than 24 count because the bigger boxes will not fit in the pencil boxes. I will keep one box of crayons put away for when the students run low on crayons. **


4th Grade Supply List

1.5 inch binder
1 set of 8 dividers with pockets (can be double-sided)
1 pack wide-ruled paper
2 one-subject spiral notebooks with holes
1 pack of glue sticks
2 dry erase markers
Cap erasers
1 box of 24 count Crayola crayons
Three-ring pencil pouch for binder (to hold pencils, money, or tokens)

**Students do not need a pencil box - a container to hold supplies is already provided. Scissors are also provided. Please do not get a box of crayons greater than 24 count - they will not fit in the student's container

Headphones (If your child attended Pine View last year and had headphones, they are still in the computer lab. You will not need to purchase a new set.)

Donations of Skittles will be greatly appreciated! I use them regularly for motivation/rewards in the classroom.